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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sea Moss? 

A superfood, rich is 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs to Thrive. Sea Moss is a natural sea vegetation full of nutrient rich minerals, antioxidants and antiviral properties that ward off respiratory issues such as colds and flu.

Where is your sea moss from?

Our sea moss is wildcrafted from the beautiful coastlines of Jamaica. For sea moss, we have our own divers, that harvest the Sea Moss. It is then Sun-dried packaged and shipped to us in bulk. 

I bought the raw wild dried sea moss. How do I turn it into a Gel?

There is instructions for preparation on our packaging, in addition to the included Flyer. Please wash the Sea Moss thoroughly until the water runs clear. Then do an initial soak for about an hour. Rinse once more and ensure that the water no longer has a taste of salt. The put the sea moss in a container and add spring water or alkaline water. Soak for at minimum 6 hours if you plan to boil. Soak for 1-2 days if you do not plan to boil. 

I turned it into a gel. Now how do I use it? 

There's a TON that you can do with it. Add to smoothies, shakes, hot teas , coffees, soups, stews, baked items, yogurts or eat our infused gels right off the spoon. Use in hair and skin products. Whether you’re looking to enhance your love life or need higher energy levels for daily exercise and workouts, you can rely on Jamaican Roots Sea Moss. The influx of vitamins will boost your mental health while lowering stress and anxiety. It is also effective for weight loss support.

How long will it last?

Store in refrigerator for up to 4 weeks, and freezer for up to a year. 

How much should I use? 

We recommend using 2-4 tablespoons of Gel per day. Servings based on 2 tbsp

**8 oz Jar Last 4-8 days  per person based on recommended serving            **16 oz Jar Last 8-16 days  per person based on recommended serving       **32  oz Jar Last 16-32 days  per person based on recommended serving

** 1/2 lb bag - give 23 servings of gel (based on 2 TBSP)                                    ** 3/4 lb bag - give 34 servings of gel (based on 2TBSP)                                     ** 1 lb bag - give 46 servings of gel (based on 2TBSP)

Do you sell wholesale? 

YES, We sell wholesale in 5lbs , 10lbs and 15lbs parcels. Please contact us at Sales@JamaicanRootsSeaMoss.com

I have a store, can I redistribute your product? 

YES, We offer 2 options for redistribution. You can purchase our wholesale sea moss and sell it under your own brand, or we can provide you will our dried sea moss and you receive 15% of all Sales. 

When do you ship?

We ship within 3-5 business days via 2-Day Priority Mail. We have updated our processing time as we noticed due to COVID-19, there are severe shipping delays. We now only ship Mondays-Wednesdays. Shipping on these days means it is most likely you will receive your order within the 2-Day Priority shipping time frame. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order is processed. All orders are made fresh to order to ensure you receive the best product possible with the longest shelf life. A "best buy" date is included on all orders.

We know you want your goodies LOL :) And we want you to receive them fresh! We got you!

How do I store the gel?

As soon as you receive your gel, refrigerate it for 5 hours before use. For all gels, we package it carefully with cold packs, however, you'll want to refrigerate for a few to make sure it will return to it's intended consistency. Gels should be used within 4-6 weeks or by the "Best Buy" date included on your jar. You can also freeze for up to 6 months.

NOTE: You may need to transfer to a freezer-safe jar. We're working on providing these for our customers. Soon come!

How is your sea moss gel prepared?

All of our gels are soaked with Spring or Distilled water ONLY. It is also soaked with key lime as key lime is a natural preservative. We then boil the Sea Moss for about 5-10 minutes stirring frequently. We let it cool and blend and immediately add to jars or BPA free plastic containers. We use Jars for local delivery only and our BPA free plastic tamper free/evident containers for shipping. 

My order arrived damaged, what do I do now!

We are so sorry! We would be happy to help. Please email sales@jamaicanrootsseamoss.com ,or instagram @jamaicanrootsseamoss and we will work together to make sure you get the best.

How are you keeping safe during COVID-19?

We're taking our daily dose of sea moss and elderberry, of course! All staff are required to do temperature checks and clothing changes before work. We're disinfecting frequently, wear our gloves and masks. We're dedicated to maintaining optimal health for our community.

What does the sea moss gel taste like?

It is essentially tasteless! It takes on the flavor of anything you add it to. Our infused sea moss taste exactly like the the infusion. We do add a hint of lime as a natural preservative. Some of our flavors do include a very small portion of Agave. We also have monk fruit natural sweetener available, please let us know if you prefer that instead.